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Broadening Students’ Perspectives and Enhancing Their Marketability – The Business Passport Program
Contributor: Jill Hayes, Passport Program Director

We learn and gain perspective when we step outside of our daily routine. We often expand our level of thinking, broaden our horizon, meet a new acquaintance, or learn a new skill. The NIU College of Business Passport Program ensures each student does just that—take the necessary steps to gain valuable experience and business exposure outside of the classroom.

The Passport Program was developed in response to the College of Business Board of Executive Advisors and Strategic Planning Council to provide students with opportunities outside of the classroom that enhance their business skills, leadership potential, global perspective, and ethical awareness.

This new, innovative program officially launched this Fall. With an initial enrollment of 700 students, the Passport Program will help students tell a greater story of their experience while at the College of Business. Students are required to “travel” to seven key curriculum continents:

  1. Business Communications
  2. Career Development
  3. Ethics
  4. Experiential Learning
  5. Leadership
  6. Global Awareness
  7. Service

Within each business continent a variety of activities and experiences serve as travel destinations where students engage themselves and gain insights into the particular focus of the continent. Some of the experiences that serve as destination spots include: studying abroad, participating in ethics case competitions, partaking in community service projects, attending networking events, gaining hands-on experience through internships, among others.

It is crucial to graduate with more than just a degree. With a Business Passport Program co-curricular transcript, our students will stand out in today’s competitive job market and be better prepared for their professional future.