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College of Business Alumni

Something Old, Something New & Something to View

Approximately 50 Marketing 450 alumni met the afternoon of October 27th at Rockit Bar & Grill to wish Dr. Dan Weilbaker a fond farewell as he retires after 27 years of teaching Professional Sales and to watch our Huskies win another football game. While the Huskies satisfied our competitive nature by increasing their record to 8-1, Rockit Bar fulfilled our cravings with great atmosphere and bar food, including their signature sweet potato fries.

The highlight of the event was sharing Dr. Weilbaker stories which painted him as a tough-love educator whose creative teaching style gave his students scenarios -- sometimes awkward role plays -- to prepare them for the real world. While many said they felt uncomfortable while performing these set-ups during class, the outcome for all of these graduates was overflowing respect and admiration for a man who prepared them for the toughest aspects of sales.

A heartfelt good-bye to Dr. Weilbaker and a warm welcome to Rob Peterson, who will be taking over Marketing 450.

We hope to see you at the next event.