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College of Business Alumni

Janet Pucino – CEO and Founder of Deep Canyon Media, LLC
NIU Bachelor of Music 1976

The M.B.A. Colloquium Executive Lecture Series has become an invaluable resource for current students and alumni, showcasing business and community leaders in discussion of timely topics and issues relevant to career development. On October 29 at NIU Naperville, the MBA program welcomed NIU alumna Janet Pucino as an Executive in Residence to speak on the challenges women face as they advance in their careers. Pucino’s presentation, “Leadership + Inclusion + Talent = Success,” included the results of research and personal experiences demonstrating that even women who achieve positions of leadership in business still rarely gain inclusion to “The Club” to which their male counterparts belong.

An experienced Information Technology (IT) executive, Pucino managed every facet of IT, including strategic planning, enterprise architecture, application development and service delivery, risk management, quality assurance, project and program management, change management, labor sourcing, and outsourcing initiatives. She worked for some of the most recognized global companies including Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Discover Card, The Kemper Group, and the International Networks Division of Motorola. She is a featured speaker and lecturer on both technology and leadership topics. Her business book, “Not In The Club,” which explores the unique challenges of women in leadership roles and illustrates how women can overcome workplace biases, has won five book awards.

Ms. Pucino encouraged MBA students and alumni to think about leadership in a different way, raising awareness of the distinct experiences of women, calling attention to biases and organizational cultures, and the need for inclusion in our businesses and organizations.