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The College of Business NIU Rockford Alumni Club, officially established Fall 1998, was formed to fill a need of alumni in the Rockford area to connect with NIU and Colleges. The Rockford Alumni Club welcomes all NIU alumni involved in Rockord business functions. 

For more information about the NIU Rockford Alumni Club please contact the College of Business Advancement Office at

Rockford Alumni Club Mission

  • To support the programs and interests of NIU and the College of Business
  • To support and advance the field of business
  • To enhance the image of and support NIU and the College of Business in the Rockford area
  • To provide mutually beneficial networking for the members

Rockford Alumni Club Benefits

  • Opportunities to connect and network with other NUI alumni, faculty and students.
  • Opportunities to give through the David & Diane Graf Rockford Endowed Scholarship and other events.
  • Opportunities to learn over the course of your lifetime, through programs and seminars sponsored by the club.

Coordinators &
Team Members

Chuck Alton
Rene Cotsones
Lynn Gibson
Michelle Gorham
David Graf
Diane Graf, President
Paul Green
Jim Hansberry
Russ Kilker
Greg Lee
Rod Leezer
Jeff Wallem