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American Marketing Association

AMA Alumni Event - September 19th, 2012

Our finest 10 NIU AMA alumni came back to DeKalb to give current members tips, advice, and serve as mentors for our current AMA members.

If you're a paid AMA member, feel free to connect with these recent graduates. Remember, they're here to mentor you, so if you have any questions about their job, industry, or even classes at NIU, message them!


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(Paid members and alumni only)




Manny Amaya

Manny Amaya - Target


Dan DuPont

Dan Dupont - Swedish Home Kitchen

Andy Keefe

Andrew Keefe - Miller Resource Group

Corey Kravitz

Corey Kravitz - Nenni & Associates

Alyssa Istvanek

Alyssa Istvanek - Bosch Tools

Paul Nowak

Paul Nowak - White Lodging

Nilay Patel

Nilay Patel - General Motors

Hannah Pripps

Hannah Pripps - AIT Worldwide Logistics

Stephanie Pullenza

Stephanie Pullenza - Target

Julie Than

Julie Than - Aasonn