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The Anywhere Lab

Student Home Drive Enhancements

Beginning this fall semester, all NIU students will benefit from two major enhancements to the student home drive (H drive) service.

  1. More space. H drives will increase from 200MB to 5GB.
  2. Anywhere access. H drives will be accessible from a web browser at https://anywherefiles.niu.edu, as well as through a mobile application.

Outage: To migrate the student data to the new platform an outage of up to two weeks between August 12th and August 25th will be needed. ITS is pre migrating non-enrolled students during the summer, which will drastically reduce the time to migrate, but students should still be prepared to lose access to their H drives between August 12th and August 25th. Please save data to external storage like USB thumb drives or Google Drive if you need access between semesters. All existing data will be available after the migration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Websites: Will student websites still be available? Yes, we will maintain the legacy method of creating student websites through Spring 2014. We highly encourage instructors to explore Google Sites for student websites. Google Sites is available to all students through student Gmail, and offers a rich website and content generation experience.

FTP: Will FTP be available? The File Transfer Protocol is replaced with web based access. As a result, FTP will no longer be supported.

Citrix (Anywhere Apps): Will H drives be available in Citrix (Anywhere Apps)? Yes, H drives are now available in Citrix (Anywhere Apps). H drives will be unavailable in Citrix (Anywhere Apps) during the migration.

Novell Client: Is the Novell Client still required to map the H drive? No, the Novell Client will be removed from ITS computer labs in the fall as the home drive folders reside on Windows storage. It is important to note that in order for student H drives to automatically map, the computer must be joined to the NIUNT.NIU.EDU domain (computer labs in ITS managed labs are joined to the NIUNT domain). The drives can be mapped manually as well, if the student provides their Z-ID credentials. If you manage student computers, and are interested in joining them to the NIUNT domain, please email HelpDesk@NIU.edu for more information.

AFP: Apple Filing Protocol is not supported on the new platform. CIFS is the supported protocol and should be a viable replacement for access from OSX systems.

Please contact the NIU helpdesk at 815-753-8100 or HelpDesk@NIU.edu for further questions. This information as well as more information on Anywhere Files, the mobile application, and guides on using Google Sites will be available in the future at http://its.niu.edu/its/anywhere/files/index.shtml.