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Anywhere Printing

Anywhere Printing on the Pharos Printer

The College of Business is now offering an alternative to printing in computer labs and during open lab hours. You can now submit an item for printing from any computer with an internet connection to our Anywhere Printing solution and pick up that item at a Pharos release station when you are in Barsema Hall. Once your computer is set up to send print jobs to the Pharos printer, you use your NIU OneCard to release your print job and pay a nominal fee using your Huskie Bucks. You can print both color and black and white and the cost of your job will be shown before you release it.

Printer Location

Pharos printers are located throughout Barsema Hall in the following locations: on the 1st floor across from BH 119, and in the AAC (BH 232), MML (BH 204), ISL (BH 132).

Before You Can Print

Prior to being able to print from the Pharos printer, a compatible NIU Pharos Popup Client must be installed on your computer. Follow these instructions to install:

Send to Printer

When printing, select the following as your designated printer: UniprintQueue on VM-PHAROSPRINT 1.NIUNT.NIU.EDU .

Before you hit the print button, select your color option. All copies default to " color" print unless you change the default to " black & white" found under the print " properties - set-up tab" . Once your options are set, you will be asked for your Z-ID.

Release Print Job

To release your printing job at a Pharos release station, swipe your OneCard (with Huskie Bucks on it) through the attached reader and select the job you wish to print. Black & white copies cost $.08 per page and color copies cost $.25 per page.

Add Money to Existing Huskie Buck Account or Purchase Courtesy Card

Money can be added to your OneCard or a courtesy card may be purchased at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) located on the first floor of Barsema Hall next to the ATM machine.