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Learning Goal

Continuous Improvement

Our graduates will be able to integrate information across business disciplines.

Fall 2011: Include additional examples of the application of financial concepts to actual firms; Increase the frequency and depth of cross-functional material

Summer 2011: Increase time spent on qualitative cross-functional analysis

Spring 2012: Review case analysis, assignment, and rubric

Our graduates will be effective decision makers.

Fall 2010: Expand discussion on select topics

Spring 2011: Develop a post-case lecture; Increase the rigor of rubric used to assess embedded questions

Spring 2012: Add take-home quizzes and problem sets; Work select problems from problem set in class

Summer 2012: Implement additional problem sets

Fall 2012: Move embedded questions from final exam to mid-term exam; Assess this learning objective in one course instead of three

Our graduates will demonstrate business ethical awareness.

Spring 2011: Include more personally relevant situations/vignettes

Summer 2011: Increase lecture emphasis on stockholder needs

Spring 2013: Further increase emphasis and examples regarding indirect impact of stakeholders

Our graduates will demonstrate cultural awareness and a global perspective.

Fall 2010:Provide country examples, Model appropriate and inappropriate approaches

Fall 2011: Increase depth of focus through the use of global cases

Spring 2013: Include a culture self-assessment that highlights certain beliefs, expectations, or values to aid in the interpretation of class discussion and cases

Our graduates will have effective communication skills. (Written)

Spring 2012: Provide students with the rubric and a sample of the assignment; Continue to offer writing workshops

Fall 2012: Move the assignment to be assessed to the mid-term and a take home exercise

Our graduates will have effective communication skills. (Oral)

Summer 2011: Provide a better explanation of the assessment criteria when explaining the assignment

Spring 2012: Explain the rubric criteria to the students prior to the presentations