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Assurance of Learning

The practice of Assessment for the Assurance of Learning in the NIU College of Business goes beyond accountability and accreditation. We do it because we believe the learner is the beneficiary of all of our activities. We also do it because, in accordance with our mission, we believe in continuous improvement.

Assessment, as part of a formalized Assurance of Learning system helps ensure our learners benefit in the ways we intend them to. And when they don't, assessment helps start the dialogue to get us back on track.

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The NIU College of Business owes a debt of gratitude to all of those who have contributed to the College's Assurance of Learning activities. As those involved in these vital but time-consuming endeavors can attest, assessment - as a critical component of the continuous improvement principle - can only be achieved with the willing participation of the faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders called upon to play a part in this process. At NIU, we have been remarkably fortunate to have individuals who have embraced this ideal.

- Denise Schoenbachler
  Dean, College of Business

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