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Assurance of Learning Resources

Learning Goals

Learning goals are broad statements that describe what we want our graduates to be or have. Learning objectives describe what our graduates will know or be able to do, in more specific, measurable terms. The College of Business undergraduate learning goals were first identified in 1997 then reviewed and reaffirmed in 2008. The learning objectives were created by faculty committees in 2007. During the spring 2010 semester, both the learning goals and objectives were reviewed, refined and affirmed.

The Undergraduate Learning Goals apply to all College of Business undergraduates. view objectives...

  • NIU College of Business graduates will integrate and apply Functional and Foundation Business Knowledge.
  • NIU College of Business graduates will demonstrate Leadership and Professional Skills.
  • NIU College of Business graduates will demonstrate awareness of Ethical Business Practices.

Each major has learning goals that build on the Undergraduate Learning Goals. view all...

Each graduate program has a unique set of learning goals. view all...