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Barsema Hall Code of Conduct

We, the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Barsema Hall, are committed to being good stewards of this fine building made possible through the generosity of Dennis and Stacey Barsema.

Our code of conduct helps us:

  • maintain a safe, clean, and professional learning environment;
  • preserve our facilities and furnishings for future generations; and
  • demonstrate our commitment to supporting the excellence of the people and programs of the College of Business.

A Message from Mr. Barsema

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Our commitment to these goals is shown by us:

  • consuming our food, coffee, soda, and juices only in the atrium area (only bottled water is allowed in the rest of Barsema Hall except for the labs -- no food or beverages are allowed in the lab);
  • leaving our classrooms, study areas, and public spaces orderly and clean (or cleaner) than we found them;
  • respectfully smoking only on the east (pond) side of Barsema Hall; and
  • encouraging others to follow these behaviors as well.