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Tornado Shelter Plan

  1. Each BH office suite is equipped with a weather radio
  2. When the tornado sirens sound, all BH occupants are required to seek shelter
  3. Tornado shelter routes are deployed throughout Barsema Hall (classrooms, office suites, etc.).
  4. Designated shelter areas are identified in BH by posted signs.
    1. Men's first floor bathroom
    2. Women's first floor bathroom
    3. Designated corridors on the first floor, on the west side of the building -- north and south of the vending machine area.
    4. The BH 110, BH 119, BH 113 and BH 111 classrooms are designated as tornado shelter areas.
    5. Any other areas would be used, as needed
  5. The BH bathrooms on the second and third floor have been designated as the "areas of refuge" for those building occupants who are physically disabled.
    1. Identify those BH occupants with accessibility needs.
    2. Faculty would be responsible for those individuals with accessibility needs, who are in their class.
  6. Pat Myers has arranged for a flashlight next to all weather radios in BH.
  7. All building occupants must comply with the BH Tornado Shelter Plan..
  8. How to handle the evening classes? When the threat of severe weather exists after-hours, faculty members who are teaching at the time are instructed to periodically consult the website www.weather.niu.edu for details and take cover in a BH shelter area when a tornado warning is given.
  9. Storage of weather radios designated for first floor shelter areas: It was determined that the weather radios will be stored in each of the designated shelter areas' classrooms (secured with a cable in each podium).
  10. Stay away from glass doors and windows
  11. Stay away from atrium
  12. Wait for further instructions
  13. BH occupants will be alerted by staff members utilizing megaphones on each floor
    1. First floor: Pat Myers or designee
    2. Second floor: Angie Euhus or designee
    3. Third floor: Kelly Stewart or designee
    4. You should hear three, loud siren blasts followed by instructions