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BELIEF: Integration of Ethics


Building Ethical Leaders Using an Integrated Ethics Framework (BELIEF)

The BELIEF program is a systematic approach to integrating ethics into the college curriculum. Officially launched during the Fall of 2006, BELIEF encompasses the following components:

  • Assessment of Ethical Awareness & Decision-Making (more...)
  • Ethics Handbook: Building Ethical Leaders (more...)
  • Corporate Sponsors (more...)
  • Support Activities (more...)

BELIEF provides a common business ethics foundation to all College of Business (COB) majors in the UBUS 310 - Business Core: Lecture course. This foundation is based on the COB's Ethics Handbook: Building Ethical Leadersand a decision-making framework. The Initiatives' learning objectives of identifying ethical issues and applying a decision-making framework are also integrated into subsequent classes in all disciplines throughout the college.

Ethics Video Competition

Congratulations to Joshua Michaelson, winner of the 2014 NIU/John Deere Ethics Video Contest. The submissions this year were great, and every student and/or group is to be commended for participating. Special thanks goes to John Deere for sponsoring this tremendous event!
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BELIEF Vision:

To be the educational leader fostering core ethical values and moral courage from the classroom to the business world.

BELIEF Mission:

To build ethical leaders through the integration of program development, faculty support, business community involvement and learner engagement. Fulfilling this mission equips the learner with a lasting set of practical tools to apply ethical values in business practices.