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BELIEF: Integration of Ethics

Ethics Handbook: Building Ethical Leaders

The NIU College of Business Ethics Handbook: Building Ethical Leaders, increases students' ethical awareness, provides a foundation in different ethical theories, and provides a decision-making guide to help students evaluate outcomes of ethical dilemmas.

A hardcopy of the handbook is distributed to all students during the first semester of their junior year in the UBUS (Business Core: Lecture) class. In addition, all students are required to complete and pass an online quiz of the contents of the handbook in order to register for subsequent classes. The handbook is a pragmatic tool that exposes all students and faculty to a common framework and resource so that, as ethics are discussed in the various classes, there will be a common foundation.

The College also developed a credit card sized decision card replication of the decision model for students to carry with them. Many students have since commented on the usefulness of the BELIEF card.

The BELIEF Handbook is available for purchase. Please contact William McCoy, BELIEF Director for more information. To view the entire handbook please login. If you do not have login information, please contact William McCoy.