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BELIEF: Integration of Ethics

BELIEF Activities

BELIEF activities include student development, faculty and course development support, and guest speakers.

Student Development

College of Business students are invited annually to apply and interview for a position within the BELIEF student organization - LEAD (Leaders in Ethics and Academic Discipline). Once chosen, LEAD members are the face of ethics education from the student perspective, and provide an important link between student education, faculty instruction and corporate support. LEAD students, along with faculty, are an active part of Corporate Board meetings.

Faculty & Course Development

Faculty and course development activities help faculty utilize the Ethics Handbook in their classes. These activities provide support to faculty who integrate the BELIEF handbook and decision guide into their courses. Consistent reinforcement in upper level coursework is necessary for a thorough integration and application of the decision-making guide and handbook.

Guest Speakers

Beth Reese BELIEF also supports guest speakers for individual classes as well as college-wide speakers, with the latter generally occurring during the annual COB BELIEF Week and recognition of the COB Student Honor Code. Past speakers include:

  • Fall 2014 - Beth Reese, President of Nicor Gas and
    Senior Vice-President of AGL Resources
  • Fall 2013 - Julie Lagacy, V.P. of Finance for Caterpillar
  • Fall 2012 - Sherron Watkins
  • Fall 2011 - Melvin Flowers, Microsoft
  • Fall 2010 - Patrick Kuhse
  • Fall 2009 - Sam Antar
  • Fall 2008 - Wes Durand, Caterpillar
  • Fall 2007 - Sven Holmes, KPMG
  • Fall 2006 - Scott Mitchell, OCEG Office of Compliance