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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Business Administration Photo Gallery

BSBA Spring Graduation 2014

BSBA Spring Banquet 2014

BSBA Graduation Fall 2013

BSBA Graduation Spring 2013

BSBA Banquet Spring 2013

BSBA Graduation Spring 2012

BSBA Banquet Spring 2012

BSBA Graduation December 2011

BSBA Event - Junior Achievement Day 2011
BASA students volunteered at Cornerstone Christian Academy on Friday, September 30th for a Junior Achievement all day event to teach students about money, commerce, business ethics, careers and entrepreneurship. Approximately 20 students in the BSBA major were part of this day-long event

BSBA Graduation Spring 2011

BSBA Spring Banquet 2010

BSBA Event - Junior Achievement Day 2010
BASA Members participated in Junior Achievement Day at North Elementary in Sycamore