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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Student Testimonials

"I chose Business Administration because I think that it would be very beneficial to learn about each functional area of business, especially since I hope to own and operate my own business one day. Getting a B.S.B.A., followed up with an M.B.A. should make for a well-rounded entrepreneur."
~ Lisa B.

"Business Administration allows me the ability to get my toes wet in all aspects of business. From accounting to management to the legal environment, I believe the major will provide me with the education I need to be successful in whatever my future may bring. B.S.B.A. provides me a macro based outlook on business rather than only covering a small segment. Why be a single department supervisor when you be can manage the whole store? B.S.B.A. all the way!"
~ Andrew K.

"The B.S.B.A. major that is offered at NIU through the College of Business offers an elite academic program with the opportunity to excel in many different business oriented backgrounds. This major entails classes focusing in Management, Marketing, Operations Management and Information Systems, Accounting, and Finance. These classes combine and implement current and real life business situations and a challenging curriculum, building the necessary knowledge and confidence that allows B.S.B.A. majors to pursue careers in a multitude of interests."
~ John Wayman

"My name is Sean Eucker and I am currently a junior. I chose Business Administration because I like every aspect of business and in this major you get to learn everything. I want to one day own my own business and this major will help me work towards that goal because it offers every aspect of the business world."
~ Sean E.

"I chose B.S.B.A. because I did not want to shut any doors to any careers. I have heard from alum that it is a great tool to have once you finally get hired in the workforce because managers know you have a background in all functional areas of business. I love the flexibility and I have always been a person that likes to take a variety of classes."
~ Luke A.

"Students can learn and understand every aspect of the business world. They can get a taste of writing, selling, crunching numbers, how people act in the business world, just to name a few."
~ Brenda L.

"I would just say I chose the Business Administration major because I knew I wanted to be a part of the College of Business, but was unsure where. I had no specific desire for any of the majors, accountancy, mangement, marketing, etc. . . . and the Business Administration major seemed to be a good general-knowledge major, including all of these others."
~ Nik Hanson, Jr.

"I chose a B.S.B.A. degree because I did nto know exactly what I wanted to major in, and the B.S.B.A. covers all aspects of business from accounting to operations."
~ Ryan M.

"I chose to study Business Administration because it gave me the chance to further my knowledge and skills in the fields of Accounting, Management, Marketing and Finance. Having this wide range of knowledge makes my opportunities in the business world endless!"
~ April Espe