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Business Careers House

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Living in the Business Careers House provides student with the opportunity to enjoy many different informational and social experiences:

  • Panel discussion on how to be successful your freshmen year.
  • Panel discussion on social media and how it may impact your future employment.
  • Meet and learn from NIU leaders including the president, CIO, and dean of the College of Business
  • Myths of the Accounting profession dispelled.
  • Practical ideas for managing your personal finances.
  • Tips and stories from a successful entrepreneur.
  • What is the Experiential Learning Center & how can I be part of it?
  • Study abroad opportunities available to business students and why you should consider doing it.
  • Ice cream social.
  • Creativity in business.
  • How to write an effective resume.
  • Tips for successful interviews.
  • Strategies for success at professional social networking events.
  • Study night and homework help.
  • End of year steak cookout.
  • Dodgeball, bowling, and soccer game nights.
  • Stress recess.
  • Getting involved in a student organization.
  • Effective writing tips and skills in business.
  • How to develop your own personal brand.