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Business Careers House

Contact our House Coordinator Mark Misic for more information.

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Advisors & Student Leaders

The Business Careers House Staff members are available to assist in any way. Call or email us with any questions or concerns. Visit "Business Careers House" under My Organizations in Blackboard (https://webcourses.niu.edu ) to stay informed about the latest activities and happenings in BCH.

Student Leaders Email Room
Trevor Engertenger@niu.eduGrant C Tower 1161
Marilyn Kooncemkoonce@niu.edu Grant C Tower 861
John Nazorek jnazorek@niu.eduGrant C Tower 961
Dylan Reynoldsdreynolds@niu.eduGrant C Tower 1261
Becca Wakenightrwakenight@niu.eduGrant C Tower 1061

Faculty Advisors PhoneEmail Office Location
Dr. Mark Misic 815-753-6368misic@niu.eduBH 228
Ms. Angie Euhus 815-753-6185aeuhus@niu.eduBH 245C
Ms. Joan Petros 815-753-8414jpetros@niu.eduBH 303