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Career Compass Kick-Off Workshop

Welcome to the Career Compass!

The College of Business welcomes you to Career Compass and this Kick-Off workshop for the program.

Before you begin this Kick-Off workshop you need to have registered for UBUS 100A at myNIU.niu.edu. You will not be able to continue in this workshop unless you are registered.

To complete the workshop, you also need your NIU OneCard, a pen, and a printed copy of the Career Compass Kick-Off handouts (available below).

Important Notes: This workshop requires Adobe Flash 10.0 or greater {download free version} and is not viewable on mobile devices (ie., tablets, smartphones). If you are inactive for more than 60 minutes after starting the workshop you will receive an error message and need to begin the workshop again.

Kick-Off Handouts

Workshop Overview

  • Kick-Off Workshop
  • "Welcome" Video
  • "Get Involved" Video
  • Navigational Instructions
  • Career Compass Purpose
  • People, Methods, & Tools
  • Career Leader

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If you have questions or require assistance please contact the Career Compass coordinator.