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Career Compass Requirements ~ Fall 2011 Freshman

Attention student who began at NIU during the Fall 2011 semester as Freshman. If you do not complete the entire Career Compass program during the fall of 2012, you will be required to take the new 8 week workshop format in the Spring 13' in order to meet the Career Compass requirement for UBUS 310.

The Career Compass program is required of all students who started at NIU as freshmen (in Fall 2010 or later) and have declared, or changed to, a major within the College of Business {optional for transfers}. Students must complete the program requirement(s) for each semester as outlined below (in ABCD order). ALL Career Compass program requirements must be met in order for students to be eligible to enroll in UBUS 310 in the Fall 2012 semester or later. The coordinator will be tracking students' progress through the program which may be viewed by students within Blackboard or on their MyNIU transcript.

Click here for requirements if you are student who started at NIU in the Fall of 2012.


Students must complete all requirements for each semester AND be cleared for the entire program prior to starting the upper level business courses. Required components include:

  • Enroll in the 4 Career Compass course sections via MyNIU for the semesters in which you plan to complete the workshops AND earn an "S" in all 4 sections
  • Register NIU OneCard with Career Compass program
  • Attend all required workshops
  • Complete the required CareerLeader-College online self-assessments (between the Kick-Off and Who Am I workshops)
  • Check your NIU student e-mail account and the Career Compass Blackboard Community regularly for announcements

Course Info

All sections of the UBUS 100 Career Compass course are worth 0 credit hours, graded S/U, and assessed a fee of $25. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the workshops once they have enrolled in the corresponding course(s) for a given semester as they will be charged the $25 fee each time they enroll (i.e., if they miss the workshop and must enroll in the course again the following semester they will be assessed the fee again).


All required workshops are offered multiple times to allow students the opportunity to select a day that best fits their schedule. Advance online registration through My NIU AND swiping in with the student OneCard is required to be admitted into all workshops. Students who have not registered for the workshops and/or fail to arrive on time with their OneCard will be turned away and required to attend a later workshop. NOTE: Some workshops may have additional admittance requirements (ALWAYS CHECK BLACKBOARD). Lastly, students who leave before the official conclusion of a workshop will NOT be marked as having completed that workshop and will thus have to make it up.


Workshop Reservations

You must register through My NIU during the regular registration process. If you need to add workshops after the registration deadline, please contact the Career Compass Coordinator, (815) 753-1325, or e-mail careercompass@niu.edu.

Program Communication

All program communication takes place via e-mail and Blackboard. To access the Career Compass Blackboard Community log into your Blackboard account and click on the Community tab. Then select Business Career Compass under My Organizations. OR look for the Business Career Compass link under the My Organizations section of your Blackboard home page (along the right-hand side).