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Michael Giudice, Singapore Airlines Cargo

Michael Giudice knew from an early age that he wanted to work in the airline industry. Every one of his college decisions prepared him for his current position as Senior Marketing Officer with Singapore Airlines Cargo, an independently managed subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. Decisions like choosing the NIU College of Business for its stellar reputation and choosing to major in business administration for the cross-functional knowledge base and wide array of career opportunities.

Now, Michael lives and breathes airplanes, freight, flight patterns and business. Something the NIU College of Business prepared him well for. He spends his days overseeing US, Canadian and South American business, including the airport stations Singapore Airlines Cargo planes fly into; contract negotiations and agreements; freight handling at the airport; and analysis and reporting of daily, weekly and monthly operations. He also arranges and negotiates for charter flights, is involved in sales support and works on market analysis for new destinations.

While at the College of Business, Michael's favorite class was Principles of Selling. In this class he learned many of the skills he now uses everyday - skills like negotiation and personal selling as well as developing and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Michael's Advice: Work closely with your advisors; Make sure you are on the right track; Take advantage of all NIU has to offer.

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