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Ryan Thunberg, True Value

Every day Ryan Thunberg helps True Value be the best hardware store in town. For an inventory planner with more than 4,000 products to manage, that can be daunting. But not for Ryan. The NIU College of Business prepared him well.

Ryan is responsible for planning and managing inventory to support millions of dollars in sales for a specific group of vendors. Each day he works with multiple True Value departments, vendors, and store owners to forecast demand, place orders, review reports, monitor fill rates, and solve problems. As he communicates up and down the supply chain, he relies on the broad business knowledge and cross-functional approach to business he learned from the NIU College of Business.

Ryan's advice: Choosing to major in business administration is a step in the right direction. But it is also important to actively participate in as many NIU business groups and project teams as possible. Every little bit of experience and knowledge helps with finding your way in the real world.


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