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Open Requests  (All)  3/6/2015  11:31:43 AM
ID Date Due
Request Description
Assigned To
9249 3/31/2015 Machacek, Marcus (1/13/2015) (Office Management) Review support request process [odd: 2/27/15]  Marcus Machacek 
9145 3/31/2015 Misic, Mark (9/23/2014) (Special Projects) Finish Web Conversion [odd: 12/23/2014]  Marcus Machacek 
9179 5/1/2015 Misic, Mark (10/30/2014) (Special Projects) Implement project plan for O365 preparedness. [odd: 5/1/2014]  Marcus Machacek 
9209 12/19/2014 Berg, Margaret (12/10/2014) (PC Setups) Reformat computer in 328P [odd: 12/17/2014]  Luke Finnan 
9269 3/1/2015 Ramadani, Burim (2/19/2015) (Hardware Problems) Unlock computer in Rachel's old office [odd: 3/1/15]  Luke Finnan 
9268 3/3/2015 Marcellus, Lori (2/17/2015) (PC Setups) Set up new computer. [odd: 3/3/15]  Luke Finnan 
9270 3/13/2015 Eddy, Alex (2/26/2015) (PC Setups) New Computer Set-up (Surface) [odd: 3/13/15]  Luke Finnan 
9275 3/13/2015 Hart, Brenda (3/5/2015) (Printer Troubleshooting) Printer in Sales Lab not functioning properly. [odd: 3/13/15]  Luke Finnan 
9271 3/13/2015 Krishnan, Vijaykumar (2/26/2015) (PC Setups) New Computer Set-up [odd: 3/13/15]  Luke Finnan 
9277 3/20/2015 Preston, Anthony (3/5/2015) (PC Setups) New computer set-up (Surface) [odd: 3/20/15]  Luke Finnan 
9246 5/30/2015 Bhagwatwar, Akshay (1/16/2015) (PC Setups) New computer setup [odd: 1/30/15]This instructor does not begin employment until 8/1/2015. The due date was changed to reflect this.  Luke Finnan 
9117 2/1/2015 Misic, Mark (9/16/2014) (Special Projects) Migrate Access Databases to new server COBTech Requestbase & Assurance of Learning remain.  Andy Rasmussen 
9240 2/18/2015 Hayes, Jill (1/9/2015) (Web Maintenance) Restrict Passport submittal form to faculty and staff. [odd: 1/16/15]Existing LDAP code is not functioning properly. Need to resolve ASAP.  Andy Rasmussen 
9146 2/23/2015 Misic, Mark (9/23/2014) (Special Projects) Finish SCCM Conversion [odd: 12/23/2014]Test through Kaseya didn't work on front desk computer. Will attempt on recording room PC  Andy Rasmussen 
9251 3/21/2015 Misic, Mark (1/22/2015) (Special Projects) Install video conference equipment in Dean's Conference Room [odd: 2/21/2015]Waiting for new computer and camera mount to arrive. Scheduled for Spring Break  Andy Rasmussen 
9262 3/27/2015 Misic, Mark (1/27/2015) (Special Projects) Complete suite monitor installation. [odd: 2/27/15]Scheduled for spring break  Andy Rasmussen 
9273 5/15/2015 Towell, Beth (3/4/2015) (Software Problems) Send renewed WebDAV certificate to Digital Measures prior to 5/28 expiration. [odd: 5/15/15]  Andy Rasmussen 
9111 9/2/2014 Misic, Mark (8/26/2014) (Special Projects) Create outline on migrating college from Kaseya to SCCM [odd: 9/2/2014]  Matthew Janouskovec 
9258 2/10/2015 Misic, Mark (1/27/2015) (Miscellaneous) Come up with plan for touring the Barsema Learning Spaces site visit. [odd: 2/10/2015]  Matthew Janouskovec 
9274 3/19/2015 Joan, Petros (3/3/2015) (Web Maintenance) Set up ELC applications. Matt will set up when Joan is ready and will send a COBTech to re-add the 'Apply Now' to ELC webpages.  Matthew Janouskovec 

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