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Open Requests  (Overdue)  4/21/2015  12:01:07 AM
ID Date Due
Request Description
Assigned To
9249 3/31/2015 Machacek, Marcus (1/13/2015) (Office Management) Review support request process [odd: 2/27/15]  Marcus Machacek
9145 3/31/2015 Misic, Mark (9/23/2014) (Special Projects) Finish Web Conversion [odd: 12/23/2014]  Marcus Machacek
9283 4/15/2015 Misic, Mark (3/13/2015) (Special Projects) Create scope document for building communications system. [odd: 4/15/15]  Marcus Machacek
9285 4/17/2015 Gautcher, Dana (4/10/2015) (Training-Podium) Classroom training in BH 133 [odd: 4/17/15]  Andy Rasmussen
9251 4/17/2015 Misic, Mark (1/22/2015) (Special Projects) Install video conference equipment in Dean's Conference Room [odd: 2/21/2015]Waiting for new computer and camera mount to arrive. Scheduled for Spring Break  Andy Rasmussen

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