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Computer Labs

Lab Software

All faculty should submit software needs for your classes to Technology Resources. By completing the request form, we will be better able to monitor the use of all software and make the appropriate users aware of opportunities and issues. Any new software needs should be communicated to Technology Resources as early as possible to ensure its availability in the labs. If additional software is needed, please complete the Software Usage Request form.

The following is a list of software currently available to College of Business students and faculty.

AICPA (CD subscription)
Dreamweaver 8.0
Dreamweaver 11.0 (3 copies)
Expert GPS
Idea 7.1
Microsoft Access 2007 & 2010
Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 & 2010
Microsoft Word 2007 & 2010
MS MapPoint 2011
MS Project 2007
MS SQL Server 2010
MS Visio 2010
MS Visual Studio 2010 (through web browser)
Photoshop CS3
Research Insight 8.3
SPSS Statistics
SPSS Clementine
Winning Major Sales