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Technology Resources

Login IDs

All students enrolled in a business course automatically receive a login ID for use in the labs. To obtain your login ID call 1 (815) 752-7738. For more information about this Information Technology Services (ITS) generated ID, visit the ITS Web Site at https://password.niu.edu/iuadmin.

A unique login ID is provided for use in the ETL for specific business courses. Any problems or questions regarding your special login ID for the ETL should be directed to your teacher, not ITS or COB Tech Resources.

Whenever you are done working in the labs, it is important that you logout of the network. If you fail to logout properly and try to login again, you may get an error message and be prevented from logging in. For the proper logout procedure, be sure to check with the lab attendant.

To confirm that your NIUNT domain username and password work, visit the Northern Illinois University Information Technology Services NIUNT Domain Password Checker.

Password Resetting

Faculty, staff and students may reset their Novell account password to a more permanent password (one that will last 120 days). Please connect to http://password.niu.edu and follow these instructions:

  • Click the 2nd NIU Security Certificate Link & download the security certificate.
  • Click the link from the same page to begin the password changing process.
  • Change to password of your choosing. Re-enter the new password for verification.
  • Press "Change Password" button when complete.

It will take a few minutes for your new password to take effect. Be sure to use this new password for logging into Blackboard.

For proper security your password should be 8 characters long start with an alphabetic character contain a mixture of letters and numerals.

If you need your password reset for using the ETL lab, contact your professor, not ITS or COB Tech Resources.

Faculty, staff and students maintaining their own Web sites on the College of Business Web Server (Busweb) may change their BUSINESS domain password (Login ID) to something easier to remember by following the instructions at www.cob.niu.edu/cobtech/password.pdf. If the Login ID is used to maintain a student organization Web site, the account will expire every 120 days.