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Computer Recommendations for Students

Barsema Hall, the location of all business courses at NIU, is covered by WiFi access. A laptop/notebook computer with WiFI capabilities (wi-fi certified, 2.4GHz compatible b/g/n) is highly recommended since business students are encouraged to bring a computer to class and may work on course work in the many study areas within the building. Any brand of computer is acceptable.

Campus residence halls are all equipped with a wired network connection to which students can connect their personal computers, so a network card supporting wired connection is also recommended.

  HD Size: 320 GB
  RAM: 4 GB
  CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD A8
  Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz compatible (b,g,n)
  Operating System: Windows 7 or 8 or MAC OS X 10.9

All software required for business courses can either be downloaded for free or accessed via the College's Anywhere Lab. All a student needs is an internet connection. If students wish to purchase their own copy of Microsoft Office that includes Access, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word, software is available at the NIU bookstore at student rates.

Students can submit an item for printing from any computer with an internet connection to our Anywhere Printing option and pick up their pages at a release station in Barsema Hall. If you prefer to have a printer in your room, consider a wireless printer with air print that will allow for tablet printing as well as laptop printing.

As publishers continue to expand their offerings, students are finding the use of an ipad or android tablet (must support Google Play store which include asus, googe nexus, samsung, motorola) useful for downloading required reading material.

For questions regarding the recommended PC please email cobtech@niu.edu.