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TOPIC: Smart Views For Grading in a Blackboard Master Course

Use these simple steps to create a separate roster of individual sections for grading within your Blackboard master course:

  • From your Control Panel, select Manage Groups under User Management. Click Add Group then enter a name and description for each group you create (e.g., Name: Section 1, Description: Students enrolled in Section 1). In Group Options select No next to Group Available so that the groups do not show up in your students' view. Click Submit then repeat these steps to create a group for each section within your master course.
  • Add students to each Section (group) by returning to Control Panel, Manage Groups. Click the Modify button next to a Section (group) name. Click Add Users to Group, choose the List All tab then click the List All button, then select students belonging to that Section. Click Submit and repeat the above steps for adding students to the proper Section (group).
  • Once you have your groups set up for each section, enter your Grade Center through the Control Panel and click on the Manage menu item and select Smart Views from the dropdown list. Click Add Smart View button and enter a Smart View name (e.g., Section 1) and description (e.g., "This view lists all students in Section 1). Next, under Selection Criteria Type of View, select Group and under Select Criteria choose a Section (group name) from the Value list. Click Submit. Repeat these steps to create a Smart View for each of your student sections within your master course.
  • To enter grades, return to your Grade Center and click on Manage then select Smart Views. You will see a listing of all the smart views you have just set up. Simply click the appropriate link for the section you'd like to grade. Only those students in that particular section will now appear in your grade sheet and you can begin grading just one section at a time.