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TOPIC: Receive NIU Email on Your Blackberry
The following steps were tested on a Blackberry Storm (9530) and Curve (8830):

  • Click the Menu Button--the Blackberry button
  • Open Email Settings
    The Curve (8830) will require you to log in or create a new user account, this is not your NIU login, it will be specific to your Blackberry
  • Click Add
  • Click Other
  • Enter your alias in the email address (can be found in the NIU directory—i.e., arasmuss@niu.edu
  • Open Email Settings
  • Enter your GroupWise password (the one you use at webmail.niu.edu)
  • If the process was successful, you will receive a message indicating that your email will be sent to your Blackberry, if not, contact cobtech@niu.edu

If you wish to sync your calendar and contacts as well, you will have to contact the ITS mobility team. This service requires the enterprise email package from your carrier, plus the connection to the Blackberry Enterprise Server. Estimated total cost located at www.its.niu.edu/its/services/rates/mobile.shtml.