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TOPIC: Blackboard Grade Center Tips

  • When adding a new grade column, be sure that "None" is selected in Step 2-Dates. In courses created in earlier versions of Blackboard, the creation date was set to also be the due date. This date now appears in the student view of their grades, which may cause some confusion. To remove the due date from an already created grade column, select Modify Column, select "None" in Step 2-Dates, then Submit.
  • If you see only a few student names in grade center, try using full screen. For Windows users, press the F11 key when in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. To return to normal view, press F11 again. If F11 doesn't work for you, select View from your browser menu, then select Full Screen. To return to normal view click on the maximize/restore down button in the right hand corner. For Mac users, click the green plus sign in the upper left hand corner.
  • The default setting for the Total and Weighted Total columns in the grade center is to ignore any column where possible points is set to zero. To get these columns included in the totals, click the down arrow atop the Total column and select Modify Column. In Step 3, change the setting from "All Grade Columns" to "Selected Columns" then select ALL the columns you want to include.
  • Do your new grades entered not take effect? This problem is caused by Internet Explorer's cache setting. In IE, Version 7, select Tools in the toolbar, then select Internet Options. In Browsing History section, click Settings. Under Check for newer version of the stored page, check the every time I visit the web page option. If you are working in grade center and some of your grades suddenly disappear, please close out your browser, wait a few minutes, and log back in. Your grade will now be visible.