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TOPIC: Getting Started With Blackboard Grade Center

  • To add grades, click on the cell for the grade column. Add the score, then press enter on your keyboard. The "Saving" message will appear as you are moved down to the next student.
  • To edit a grade, find and click the cell to edit. Enter the new score for the student, then press the enter key on your keyboard. An orange triangle indicator will appear in the cell with the edited score. This tells you that the score has been altered. To remove the orange indicator, click the down arrows in that cell, then press Clear Modified Indicator.
  • To exempt a student from any grade item, move the cursor over the grade to be exempted and click the down arrows. Click Exempt Grade. A blue square will be displayed to identify that grade has been exempted. To clear an exempted grade, move your cursor over the grade that has the exemption and click the down arrows. Select Clear Exemption. Once the exemption is cleared, the original score is displayed.
  • To download your Grade Center, press the Manage link on the gray tool bar. Select Download. Follow the prompts to download the data. In selecting the delimiter type, either Comma or Tab will work but for simplicity of use with Microsoft Excel, you should select Tab. Select the download location, then press Submit to save to the location of your choice. You are now ready to open your file in Excel and begin adding new columns or grades.
  • To upload a revised Grade Center, select Manage on the gray tool bar. Attach the file you would like to upload. Select the proper delimiter type. Press Submit. Check the items you want to include in your upload, then press Submit.
  • To organize your Grade Center items, move your cursor to Manage on the gray tool bar, then select Organize Grade Center. Use your mouse to move the items in any order you wish.