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TOPIC: Change Your E-mail Alias

  • Go to www.niu.edu.
    • Select Directory from the top right.
    • Select Login from the top red bar on next page (do not search).
  • Enter your login information, and select Login.
    • Select Self Service from the top red bar.
    • Select Request Resource from the left navigational panel.
  • Set Resource Search Criteria to All and click Continue
  • Select resource you'd like to change: New E-Mail Alias. **Important Note: Do not select the New E-Mail Address link!**
  • Enter your new alias in the box next to Requested Alias keeping it in the format of alias@niu.edu
  • Finally select Submit.

Note: When changing your alias, if you had a previous alias your old alias will no longer work.

Your email alias change will take about 15 minutes to complete. After this time, please try sending a test e-mail to your new alias just to make sure the change has been successful.