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TOPIC: Microsoft Campus Home Use Agreement
The MS Campus Agreement allows faculty/staff covered under the agreement to purchase selected MS software with their own personal funds and keep it for home use on their personal computers.

  • To order your software, visit https://ssl.niu.edu/its/asp2ssl/sd/.
  • Log in with your Novell ID and password and choose your building and room number.
  • Under Software Name, click the drop down box and choose: "Microsoft EES Home Use."
  • Select the desired application(s).
    • MS Office 2013 - $15.74 (plus $1.26 tax)
    • MS Windows XP - $10.00 (plus .80 tax)
    • MS Vista Ultimate - $15.74 (plus 1.26 tax)
    • MS Windows 7 Ultimate - $15.74 (plus 1.26 tax)
    • MS Windows 8 Ultimate - $15.74 (plus 1.26 tax)
    • MS Office 2011 for Mac - No charge (the media can only be borrowed and then returned)
  • Read End-User License Agreement, select Agree, then click Continue.
  • Choose Customer Pick-up. Type in selected pick up date. You will be notified by e-mail when the media is ready for pick up and where you can pick it up.


  • Use your Novell ID for Approver ID.
  • For Billing Account #, use Acct# NA00000.
  • Click on Process Request and then Send Request.
  • Pay by check, made payable to Northern Illinois University.
  • For more information call 815-753-8100.