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TOPIC: Reduce Your GroupWise Mailbox Size

  • Click on "Mailbox Size: xx%" at the bottom of the GroupWise screen.
  • This will open a window with a pie chart showing how much space is used and a listing of items in descending order by size. A large item is one > 100000.
  • Delete items you no longer need. Attachments to messages increase the size of an item. Attached pictures and graphics especially add to the size.
  • Switch between the mailboxes by selecting Trash, Sent Items, Received Items, etc. to get a list of items for each of these areas.
  • To delete blocks of consecutive items, click on the first message in a range, then hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last message in the range to highlight all the messages, then press the delete button.
  • To delete multiple non-consecutive items, click on each item while simultaneously holding down the CONTROL key, then press the delete button.
  • When you are finished deleting, be sure to click on the "Trash" folder and empty it out.

If this method doesn't lower your mailbox size, please email COBTech@niu.edu for assistance.