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TOPIC: Reserve a Computer Lab

  • Set up Multi-Calendar in GroupWise
    1. Select Calendar in the left column in GroupWise
    2. Click the MULTI-USER View Icon
    3. Click the Down Arrow to the right of the Icon, select Add/Remove Users
    4. In the Name field type:
      • cobbh104 (cobbh104AFL appears) click Add user
      • cobbh132 (cobbh132ISL appears) click Add user
      • cobbh232 (cobbh232AAC appears) click Add user
      • cobbh239 (cobbh239CCL appears) click Add user
      • cobbh344 (cobbh344ETL appears) click Add user
    5. Click ok
    6. Check available times for lab by using the arrows in the gray tool bar to adjust the day of the week
  • Reserve the lab
    1. Click on the New Appt button from the menu
    2. Type the lab room number in the To field (i.e.,cobbh104)
    3. Leave your name in the To field so it will add it to your calendar
    4. Click the Calendar Icon next to the start date (Select Recurring to select more than one date)
    5. Select the dates you want the lab reserved (make sure you are in the correct year)
    6. Click the Time button
    7. Slide the arrows to adjust the start and end time of your reservation
    8. On Subject line type your Course, Course Section #, your Lastname, your Firstname (i.e., MGMT 300-1, Bernhardt, Patty)
    9. Enter a message stating what software you will be using and any other lab needs
  • Verify Your Reservation
  • Check GroupWise mail for confirmation