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TOPIC: Learn to use Skype
Skype is a free software application that allows users to make voice calls, send instant messages, and broadcast video calls over the Internet to any other Skype users for free.

  • To get started, download Skype today at www.skype.com. Follow the easy instructions to install on your computer.
  • The only tools required are a computer, a camera, and a microphone. We recommend the Microsoft Life Cam VX-3000. This high definition camera sells for $50 at Best Buy and includes a built-in microphone.
  • Other Skype features include:
    • Instant Messaging—send instant messages to anyone on your Skype contact list.
    • Online Collaboration--share your computer screen with others over the Internet.
    • Online Conference Call—with Skype, you and 24 other people can take part in an online conference call.
    • With subscription service or pay as you go plan, call land line phones or cell phone numbers.