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TOPIC: Communicate with Students using WIMBA Pronto
Wimba Pronto is an academic instant messaging (synchronous) tool that you can download from any active Blackboard course site. This is free to Blackboard users.

  • From your Blackboard course site, click on Tools in the navigation bar, then scroll to the Wimba Pronto link and click to follow the easy download instructions.
  • Use Wimba Pronto to communicate with students or allow the tool for student collaboration for class or group work.
  • Students will follow the same instructions to download Wimba Pronto to their own computer.
  • Once activated on your computer, Wimba Pronto will prompt you at start up to login.
  • The green dot next to a user's name alerts you to who is currently "online" and available to chat.
  • For more information about Wimba Pronto, visit www.niu.edu/blackboard/resources/version80.shtml#pronto.