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Computer Labs

Lab Reservations

All Barsema Hall Computer lab RESERVATIONS are made directly by College of business Faculty and staff by making an appointment with the lab using GroupWise. (step-by-step instructions...)

Please make reservations for computer labs at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations made less than 24 hours in advance should be followed up with an e-mail to cobtech@niu.edu as a notification of the request. The e-mail should include the lab that was reserved (BH 232 AAC, etc.), the time of the reservation and the name of the class that will be meeting. The lab staff will then be alerted of the late request and steps will be taken to ensure lab access.

Labs available for reservation are:
Barsema 132 ISL (Information Systems Lab) seating capacity 41.
Barsema 204 MML (Management Marketing Lab) seating capacity 33.
Barsema 232 AAC (Advanced Applications Center) seating capacity 41.

If you would like one-on-one training on this procedure for scheduling labs, email COBTech (cobtech@niu.edu)

Lab Reservations FAQs

If I decide not to use the lab, when and how do I cancel the reservation?

Please cancel lab reservations 24 hours in advance of the appointment. If 24 hour notice is not possible, please cancel the appointment as soon as possible and then follow up by sending an e-mail to cobtech@niu.edu so the lab staff can be notified in a timely manner .

Here is how to delete (cancel) an appointment:

  • Click Sent Items in the left column in GroupWise.
  • Highlight the appointment item for the lab reservation you want to cancel. It is easy to find the date if you sort the "Sent Items" folder by Date Descending, so the future appointments will appear at the top of your window. (Right Click on the DATE header and select "Sort Descending").
  • Right Click Highlighted appointment to be cancelled.
  • Select Delete
    Critical: A dialog window appears ALWAYS check the box for "All Mailboxes" in the delete from menu. If you fail to do this, the room will still be scheduled in your name, and only removed from your personal calendar. A successful cancellation means that it is removed from your calendar and the Lab's calendar.
  • Click OK
  • If this was a reservation using auto-date, the next dialog window appears do you want to delete "This Instance" or "All Instances" Please choose accordingly.

You can always confirm your cancellation by performing step one, and verifying that your reservation is gone. If additional assistance is required, contact COBTech.

I really need a Computer Lab for just one day, and they are all booked for that time period. What are my options?

Faculty at the College of Business are courteous in sharing the labs. Contact the instructors who have reservations for the time period you need and explain your need. If they agree to give you the time slot, they must cancel their reservation first, and then you should quickly make the reservation in your name. If assistance is needed by either instructor in changing the reservation, contact COBTech.