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Collegiate Sales Advisory Board

Gary Miller Speaks to the CSAB

Gary Miller

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Gary Miller kicked off the fall 2012 semester by speaking to the CSAB from his own experiences. He told stories in sales, recruiting, and life to help students learn what awaits them in a career based in selling; whether it be with products, services, software, or human capital.

For 35 years Gary has been involved in the Executive Search Business with the same company. If you were to guess that he loves what he does...surprise, surprise, you'd be correct! In this industry he has been called a headhunter, but he's learned to look for heart and soul as well.

Gary began with his firm in 1977 right out of college and he enjoyed it so much that he eventually bought the firm in 1986, hence the "Miller" Resource Group. Now Gary owns one of the top performing offices in his recruiting network and he still enjoys every placement as though it was his first.