New Year’s Resolutions: Making a Commitment
Contributor: Emily Cronauer

Why don’t most New Year resolutions make it past January 2nd? Maybe it’s because we aren’t choosing the right things to commit to. Fortunately, the Department of Marketing has some people who know how to keep their resolutions!

In October 2012, Dan Porcaro was named as the Department of Marketing Outstanding Alumnus. A regular speaker in UBUS 310, and contributor of more than $10,000 to marketing student scholarships, Dan’s commitment has been essential in providing financial support to many marketing majors over the past ten years.

From inside the College of Business, Dr. Geoffrey Gordon, Department of Marketing Chair, has raised the bar by contributing over $50,000 to various areas within the College of Business. “You’ve got to lead by example. If you want your alumni to give, faculty and staff should too,” says Gordon.

So, if you’re looking to make a resolution that you can stick with, and one that will benefit others, look no further than your own backyard and commit to the NIU College of Business!

Make Your Commitment.
Executive in Residence

Another easy way for successful alumni to give back to NIU is to get involved in the “Executive in Residence” (EIR) Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage successful alumni and friends to share their experiences in the business environment with College of Business students. Enthusiastic and talented alumni tell real-life

stories and give an insider’s perspective of life outside the NIU campus. These EIR sessions equip our students with practical tools and mentorship to navigate the sometime murky waters of corporate life.

Here is a list of recent Executive in Residence days.


Farewell from President Peters

s you may know, President John Peters is retiring from Northern Illinois University at the end of June 2013. An active search is being conducted for his replacement. In the meantime, here is his farewell, given at the most recent State of the University address:

I cannot express in words my love for this university, for its people-for
its faculty, its staff and especially its students, who every day invigorate and inspire me. We have shared triumph, we have shared tragedy, and in some ways, I feel we have experienced an entire lifetime together.
But a university presidency is not a lifetime appointment. In recent months, after several discussions with Barbara and my son Russell, I have decided that this is the time. This is the time for me to pass the torch to another who will carry out the noble mission of leading this
great university.
Read full farewell.
Dean’s Circle Member Spotlight … Nancy & Raymond Powers
Their breezy style and big grins belie their hard work and dedication. Both Ray (ACCY ’59) and Nancy (BSED ’58) Powers are College of Business Dean’s Circle members. They have been donating to the college for the last several years. “We wanted to give back because we received a very good education at NIU,” Ray Powers noted, “and we know that the cost to attend now is more expensive than when we went.” “Our goal is to help accountancy students fulfill their dreams through scholarships,” says Nancy.

Read entire profile here.

View College of Business Dean’s Circle Members


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