Career Compass

Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Was business always the first choice
for you?

For some, making that decision is difficult. Others easily choose a path and never look back. Still others pick a career then change and change again. The College of Business wants to help students make sure they are on the right academic career track.

In the fall of 2010, the Career Compass Program was launched in the College of Business to help students discover their interests, talents and what motivates them. All incoming freshman who are majoring in business are required to take this 8-week course. The students participate in several workshops that inform and guide them toward a specific business major and ultimately a career that is a strong fit for them. The sessions include:

• Orientation
• Who Am I?
• Selecting a Major
• Career Development

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John’s Hard Lesson
Contributor: Emily Cronauer

Everyday, students at NIU enter the Career Compass Program (see story above) not knowing the how, what or why of career planning and development. One student, John, had an experience not uncommon when seeking out his first internship. What follows is his eye-opening experience:

John applied for his first internship in the spring semester and received a surprising response: “This is not an acceptable first impression for any type of communication, especially one for employment. Talk to your instructors; learn how to compose a proper resume and cover letter;
and for goodness sake, spell your own name correctly!”

After receiving this email, John could have easily given up on his hope of pursuing a summer internship but he didn’t. He worked with the instructor in Career Marketing to improve his resume. When Marketing & Sales Talent Night came around in February, John was ready to go. He confidently provided his resume to several of the companies in attendance, impressed the representatives with his confidence and personal pitch, and is now on the short list for several internship opportunities this summer.

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Corporate Endorsements: ELC Matches Employers with Students

Approximately 500 students will be graduating from the College of Business this month. With the help of dedicated professors, staff and programs, students are finding great jobs. Students involved in the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) have a unique opportunity to build relationships with potential employers prior to graduation. At the same time, employers have a chance to see potential employees in action. Companies have great success hiring our students. Here’s what a few company representatives are saying about our graduates:
“We have had much success with NIU students. In many cases they start in our internship program and get hired after they finish college. I find NIU students to be hardworking and willing to roll up their sleeves to help the team with any task no matter how big or how small.

One of our employees, Erika Linden, worked on a communication project with us through the Experiential Learning Center (ELC). That was a great way for her to learn about Follett and for us to learn about her skills and expertise. Because of her involvement in the ELC, we called her the moment we had an opening in our communications department. She has been a great contributor ever since.”

--Audrey Southard, Sr. V.P., Human Resources at Follett

“I have been extremely impressed with the students that participate in the ELC. The opportunity that the students receive to work with a business client to solve a current business problem is invaluable. Throughout the ELC project, the students enhance their communication, presentation and collaboration skills while experiencing the challenges of working on a real-world business problem.”

--Ammie McAsey, Director of Operations at McKesson

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Distinguished Donor Profile – Chris Cole

A young student from the south side of Chicago and its steel mills, Chris Cole didn’t know she was going to go to college—in fact, she was the first of her family to attend college. But she grew up knowing she was going to give to others, a trait her mother and father instilled in her. Chris’ parents have always shared whatever they had, and they do so today by volunteering for their church, helping their neighbors, and spending their time freely with all of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Today, Chris shares her time and skills with NIU to support
education. She is a proud member of the President's Circle,

Founders Forum, the College of Business Board of Executive Advisors, and the NIU Foundation Board of Directors. “When you can help educate a child, especially a first generation student,
you are changing many people’s lives,” Chris explains. She knows firsthand when you support
a first generation student there is a tremendous impact. She believes by investing in a student’s education you empower the entire family—the mother, father, siblings, and future children and grandchildren.

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