College of Business Sees Continued Increase in Scholarships
Contributor: Lia Kizilbash Gillet

NIU Business students today will find more scholarship opportunities in the College of Business than in years past. All because of YOU—our generous alumni community. Anthony D'Andrea, Director of Development at NIU's College of Business, shares, "Year after year we add more scholarships to our roster to offer business students. It's a win-win for our alumni and students. Alumni value scholarships for the impact they make. Scholarships provide them with a meaningful way to give back and even to honor someone who made a difference in their own lives. Students hear these stories and learn firsthand what motivates alumni to help them. The students truly come to understand the real significance of receiving such a valuable gift."

At the college level, there are over one hundred named scholarships, and within each department there are multiple scholarships available. The Department of Accountancy is a leader in establishing named scholarships for their students. Department Chair, Jim Young, says, "I couldn't be prouder of the commitments made by our alumni in awarding student scholarships each year. It's a true testament to the value they place on their NIU education and their desire to reach back and help our current students. And, they are teaching our current students to do the same after they graduate." Each department holds an award ceremony for the scholarship recipients and their families. It's the perfect time for individuals funding scholarships to interact with student recipients.

2013 NIU graduate Michael Cahill had plans to attend another school until he received a scholarship. Read the full story to see what changed his mind.

NIU's College of Business genuinely thanks all individuals, organizations, and businesses that work hard each year to provide scholarships and thereby make a profound impact in the lives of students.

Learn more about NIU College of Business scholarships.

Scholarships for All Reasons: It's Not Always About the Money
Contributor: Cassandra Young

During his last year as a College of Business marketing student, Corey Kravitz applied for the Outstanding Sales Student Scholarship to help pay off some of his college debt. He was pleased to hear that he was awarded the scholarship and was grateful to apply the money towards his educational bills. What he didn't expect was the additional benefit he received when told the news: he felt valued and appreciated. The scholarship's impact on Corey helped carry him through his final year at NIU. When Corey graduated in 2012 and started working, he decided it was time to give back. With the help and support of his wife, Katie, (an NIU alumna) and mother (Rhonda Fried) - his lifetime support - Corey established his own scholarship.

Read about Corey's inspiration to create the Dr. Robert Peterson Scholarship.

Create your unique scholarship. Contact Anthony D'Andrea at or (815) 753-1736.

Creating Your Own Scholarship - Endowed vs. Expendable
Contributor: Lia Kizilbash Gillet

Thinking about creating a scholarship? There is one important decision you will need to make...create an endowed scholarship or an expendable scholarship? These are two very different types of funds donors select from when making a gift.

Endowment funds are placed in a permanent investment account which is managed by the NIU Foundation under the supervision by the NIU Foundation Board of Directors. Donor funds are tracked separately, yet are part of NIU's larger endowment.

Learn more about endowment funds.

Expendable funds are like a checking account. Donor contributions are deposited into a NIU Foundation account and distributed to the intended area the year the gift is made.

Learn more about expendable funds.

After your decision to establish a scholarship and the type of fund is determined, the procedure is quite simple. First, you must determine the name and purpose of the scholarship. Second, scholarship criteria are needed (GPA, needs or merit based, etc.). You decide on the criteria you'd like to require of the scholarship recipient. Once you have an idea of the type of student you want to recognize with the scholarship, an agreement form will be drafted for you with the scholarship guidelines clearly outlined. After your review and any edits, signatures will take place. Congratulations, you are now the proud donor of a scholarship!

Have questions or interested in discussing your options? Contact Anthony D'Andrea at or (815) 753-1736.

Distinguished Donor Profile - Mike Brown

Baxter International's Director of Financial Compliance and Internal Controls, Mike Brown, admits he didn't realize what his NIU Accountancy degree was worth until he was a few years out of college. It wasn't until landing his second job when a hiring manager told him candidly, "One of the reasons we hired you was because of your NIU Accountancy degree. We have always had great luck with graduates from that program."

With a newfound appreciation for his alma mater and a clear understanding of the value of his NIU degree, Mike began working with Baxter's recruiting team and was involved with interviewing students. "The more I got involved with NIU as an alumnus, the more drawn in I became," shares Mike. "I realized that I needed to treat my degree as an investment—and the value of the NIU Accountancy degree is something I now wanted to preserve."

Learn how Mike's involvement with NIU has grown extensively over the years.

Mike is a member of the NIU College of Business Board of Executive Advisors, serves on the NIU Athletics Advisory Council, and is a frequent speaker and coach in the classroom, in student organization meetings, and at MBA open houses. Mike lives in Buffalo Grove and enjoys laughing with his friends and colleagues from various schools whose football teams have tanked. "As I see it, our football team is now an added bonus for attending NIU."


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