Broadening Students’ Perspectives and Enhancing Their Marketability
– The Business Passport Program
Contributor: Jill Hayes, Passport Program Director

We learn and gain perspective when we step outside of our daily routine. We often expand our level of thinking, broaden our horizon, meet a new acquaintance, or learn a new skill. The NIU College of Business Passport Program ensures
each student does just that—take the necessary steps to gain valuable experience and business exposure outside of the classroom.

The Passport Program was developed in response to the College of Business
Board of Executive Advisors and Strategic Planning Council to provide students
with opportunities outside of the classroom that enhance their business skills,
leadership potential, global perspective, and ethical awareness. This new, innovative
program officially launched this Fall. With an initial enrollment of 700 students, the
Passport Program will help students tell a greater story of their experience while
at the College of Business. Students are required to “travel” to seven key curriculum continents:

1. Business Communications
2. Career Development
3. Ethics
4. Experiential Learning
5. Leadership
6. Global Awareness
7. Service

Within each business continent a variety
of activities and experiences serve as
travel destinations where students engage themselves and gain insights into the particular focus of the continent. Some of

the experiences that serve as destination spots include: studying abroad, participating in
ethics case competitions, partaking in community service projects, attending networking events, gaining hands-on experience through internships, among others.

It is crucial to graduate with more than just a degree. With a Business Passport Program
co-curricular transcript, our students will stand out in today’s competitive job market and
be better prepared for their professional future.

Learn more about the Business Passport Program

Learn more about the seven curriculum continents

Do Visiting Seven Continents Lead to Success?
A Student’s Perspective on the Passport Program
Student Contributor: Daihee Cho

This fall, the College of Business Passport Program was officially launched. With the first group of students going through the program this semester, we wanted to give you a closer look, from a student’s perspective. NIU College of Business student, Daihee Cho, was part of an extensive pilot program and shares his experience…

As an involved senior Accountancy student at NIU, I was invited to take part in the pilot of the College of Business Passport Program. I had successfully completed all the requirements of the Career Compass Program, (a mandatory program for all incoming freshmen to help them discover more about their business interests and skills; ultimately mapping out, and preparing them for, their path), and was one of about 20 students to participate in the Passport Program pilot.

“It is a tool that takes talented, hard-working students, and reminds them that they have unlimited opportunities to grow as Huskies.”

By requiring students to participate in the program and to fulfill its seven pillars, or “continents”, students will get more involved with diverse events and programs at NIU.
This will also broaden students' academic/leadership opportunities, helping them to adjust
to NIU and launch a successful college life.

Read entire story.

Alumni Reconnect:
Empowered to Make a Difference

We need your assistance, and the Passport Program
is reaching out to you. Alumni participation is one of
the key pieces of building and growing the Passport Program. Many of the opportunities described above (click here to read more) can be further supported
with alumni. With minimal time and effort, you can
help provide a BIG return for our future business professionals. Whether you have certain skills, experiences to share, or are able to participate in

simple networking events, YOU can make an impact with current students
—everyone is needed.

The NIU College of Business has a very strong legacy of producing top performing business professionals. With the commitment to continue finding ways to maintain the College of Business competitive advantage, the Passport Program is one of the keys to maintaining the value that you experience today as an alumnus.

Wondering how you can be a part of this new program? Jill Hayes, Director of the Passport Program, can connect with you and discuss how you can best participate. The program will grow each year, and we will always be looking for fresh ideas, events, and opportunities for our students.

Connect with the Passport Program Today! Contact Jill Hayes,
assport Program Director.

A Distinguished Donor Profile… Dennis Dean

Dennis Dean may be a retired Harris Bank Executive Vice President, but he is anything but retired. Dennis received
both his B.S. Degree in Finance and his MBA from Northern Illinois University and since 1999, has been teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level at NIU. Most recently, in 2013, he was named interim Chair of the Department of Finance. When asked, Dennis will tell you why he has been so passionate to take on a number of leadership roles at the College of Business. “Nobody gets to where they are by themselves. During my NIU days, people made a real difference in my life – the individuals I went to school with

are lifelong friends, my professors made a tremendous impact on my professional decisions,
and I met a lot of great people. Those people assisted in my success. Now it’s my turn to
do the same…for today’s students at NIU. It may be an overused term, but I want to ‘make
a difference.’”

Read entire profile.

Vol. 2, Issue 11        November  2013

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