Bachelor of Science in Operations and Information Management

The Bachelor of Science in Operations and Information Management provides you with the skills to run businesses better by improving processes, applying data analytics and using technology. Through our program, you will learn how business operations, information systems, business analytics, logistics and the use of technology impact an organization. When you achieve a solid understanding of how business processes and technologies work together, the end result is that you are better prepared for the challenges in the new economy.

After successfully completing the OM&IS program, you will possess important skills that businesses demand.  Your capabilities will be honed in the areas of: supply chain management, data analytics, leading-edge information technology management, teamwork, business communications, and leadership experience.



Your Experiences

SAP and SAS Course Integration

A degree in Operations Management and Information Systems exposes you to a wide range of careers, such as:

  • Business / Systems Analyst
  • Data Analytics
  • Database Administrator
  • Inventory Controller
  • IT / Business Consultant
  • Logistics Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Production Planner / Operations Supervisor
  • Project Management
  • Quality Controller
  • Supply Chain Specialist/li>
  • Web Developer
Our OM&IS grads land jobs in the fastgrowing areas of supply chain management, data analytics and IT management. They help solve business challenges for some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Abbott, AbbVie, Allstate, Caterpillar, Deloitte, HAVI, McKesson, Target, True Value and TransUnion.

Your Experience

Nationally recognized professors will provide you with hands-on experiences and networking opportunities. Our department’s commitment to your success includes:

  • Department-specific scholarships
  • Alumni involvement
  • Internship opportunities
  • Professional student organizations affiliated to local chapters (APICS and AITIP)
  • Departmental Meet the Firm events
  • Business Community involvement
  • Real-world class projects

Alumni, faculty and corporations also recently expanded scholarship opportunities for our OM&IS majors. More than $100,000 departmental scholarships have been awarded annually for the past two years.

We are a member of the SAP University Alliance and SAS Global Academic Program.  Our OM&IS program has incorporated SAP, the market leader in ERP and business
analytics application software, into numerous courses. SAS is the leader in data analytics application software. Our OM&IS program has incorporated SAS and other
software to prepare you to work in a data-rich environment for business analytics.