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Careers in OM&IS

The Operations and Information Management program prepares students for careers in resource management, data administration, systems analysis, applications development, production operations, quality management, network coordination, web and e-commerce initiatives as well as analytical positions in the fields of operations and supply chain management. OM&IS majors have the unique ability to address supply chain issues as well as the information processing and technology needs for many business organizations - service, financial, or manufacturing.

The OM&IS program focuses on the efficient operation of business processes and systems. A typical OM&IS student is interested in solving business problems utilizing technology. Some positions obtained by OM&IS majors include: systems analyst, consultant, supply chain analyst, application developer, management trainee, inventory analyst, and business analyst.

The job outlook for graduates is positive: over the next 8 years, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the computer field to be one of the fastest growing areas and operations management occupations to have among the top ten highest net gains in number of jobs. According to salary data collected by the Department, new OM&IS graduates' beginning salaries in 2009 averaged approximately $46,000 a year with a range of $38,000 to $60,000.

Need more information?

Do you find it difficult to visualize exactly what you will be doing in an OM&IS-related position? If so, you aren't alone. Many College of Business students feel this way about their majors. You can find answers to the question about the types of jobs available in several ways:

  • talk to a variety of people -- your professors, career counselors, those working in the field, friends and family
  • gain first-hand experience in the area of your interest (work-related experience or an internship)
  • research written information on the field as well as the industries involved
  • join pertinent professional organizations (APICS and AITP have chapters in the OM&IS Department)