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Internships, or any career-related work experience, can give you an advantage when seeking a permanent position to begin your career. Not only does career related experience greatly enhance your resume, it also will help to either confirm your choice of a major or convince you that a change is in order. Here are some steps to take to begin your search for career-related experience:

  1. Attend the annually held OM&IS Meet the Firm. Each September 12-15 OM&IS-friendly companies come to campus to meet our students and faculty. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the many types of positions open to OM&IS majors in a small friendly environment. OM&IS freshmen through seniors are strongly encouraged to attend. Contact Russ Devereaux for  questions.
  2. Register on Huskies Get Hired. This website is used to help you find leads for both internships and permanent positions through Career Services. Register as early in your college career as you can and take advantage of how it can help you.
  3. Get to know the OM&IS counselors in the Career Services office. Bob Norwood is the OM&IS contact in Career Services. His office is in the Career Services offices which are in the Campus Life Building (2nd floor) which is located on the corner of Lucinda and Normal. Bob is a valuable resource. Make it a point to get to know him.
  4. Attend one of the College of Business Internship Nights. An internship information night is held each semester. Watch for announcements (through the OM&IS Email Group and Barsema monitors). Information on Career Services and the OM&IS Email Group will be shared as well as the chance to hear from students who recently completed an internship. These students will share their experiences and advice with you.
  5. Explore the idea of volunteering your talents or using them in a school organization. For example, OM&IS students who are interested in web design have served as webmaster of an organization or volunteered to help someone create a web page.
  6. Keep a proactive attitude. Many, many students are seeking internships and these types of positions are not always easy to find. The students who are successful in landing career related experience are those who plan what activities need to be done and schedule them in their calendars. Some treat finding a position of this sort as an additional class. This means they spend an hour or more each week in activities that will help them to find leads and get interviews. Some of these activities could include: working on a resume; sending out resumes through the Career Services site on a weekly basis; checking their email religiously; networking with their parents, parents' friends, work contacts, neighbors; preparing to attend job fairs, reading the paper, attending appropriate meetings, etc.
  7. Academic credit is available for an internship experience. Contact Russ Devereaux, Associate Director and Program Advisor, at or 815-753-6372.