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Student Organizations

We highly recommend that you join and be active in at least one professional organization during your stay in the OM&IS Department.

These groups offer insights into the business operations, information systems, and logistics fields through company and plant tours, networking opportunities, and speakers on career information. Joining these groups also provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership capabilities.

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

AITP is one of the largest professional organizations for individuals employed in the business information technology field. AITP encourages partnerships between industry, academia, and government for leadership and educational opportunities. The NIU student chapter sponsors events and speakers which feature current and up-coming information technology. In addition, the group co-sponsors events with the Student Advisory Board and APICS and participates in activities of the local professional chapter of AITP. learn more...

The Association for Operations Management (APICS)

APICS is an international organization for individuals engaged in professions related to service and manufacturing operations, resource allocation, forecasting, supply chain, etc. APICS is known for its certification programs, training tools, and networking opportunities. The student chapter of APICS sponsors speakers, tours, and a case competition team, and works in conjunction with the other student organizations. Members have the opportunity to attend meetings of the parent APICS chapter. learn more...

The OM&IS Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The OM&IS SAB enables students to be involved with the department on a more personal level. The SAB is the "student cabinet" of the department chair and provides important input regarding courses, processes, and department activities. The SAB performs a number of activities for the department, including promoting the OM&IS department to students throughout the university, producing the on-line newsletter, planning the Spring Awards Banquet, leading a community-service activity, nominating a faculty member for the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award, and coordinating educational and social events with the other student organizations. learn more...