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Experiential Learning Center

ELC Coaches

ELC coaches are a mix of professors, instructors and business professionals. They act as guides and resources for ELC teams. Coaches do not give the teams the answers. Instead, they challenge and encourage the teams to think critically about the business issues and be creative in their problem solving. They keep the students focused on the value provided to the sponsoring organization.

ELC assistant coaches are past graduate and undergraduate ELC team members. They act as a peer resource to the teams providing leadership, direction, and assistance with project management.

Recent ELC Coaches

Dennis Barsema

Brian Bender

Dr. Terry Bishop

Dr. Debra Zahay Blatz

Amy Buhrow

Joe Cullinane

Dr. Charles Downing

Timur Gök

Dr. Shail Godambe

Sonja Herington

Dr. James Johnson

Dr. Gyu Kim

Sheila Kloster

Dr. Lauren Labrecque

Dr. Sarah Marsh

Chris Millington

Dr. Lynn Neeley

Ronald Parrish

Amit Patel

Dr. Charles Petersen

Joan Petros

Tamara Phelan

Dr. Paul Prabhaker

Dr. Rick Ridnour

Dr. Mark Rosenbaum

Dr. Stacey Short

Dr. Laura Vazquez

John Wonak