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Lynn Neeley

Dr. Neeley earned an accounting undergraduate degree after returning to school from having launched several small businesses and being part of a multi-million dollar initial public offering. Subsequently she completed an MBA with an emphasis in transportation and logistics, and finally, a PhD with a concentration in strategic management and support areas in international trade economics and finance.

Lynn is a Professor in the Department of Management and teaches entrepreneurship and strategic management. She has won several teaching awards, and she has published research in many academic journal and books, often studies in bootstrap finance.

She serves on the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division's Teach Committee. As a past president of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), she continues to contribute to USASBE through work in its Board of Directors Audit, Awards, and Nominations committees. Lynn is a Justin G. Longenecker Fellow, a Joseph P. Malone Fellow, and a Coleman Senior Scholar in Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Neeley is a long-time DeKalb resident. She would be delighted to see the Northern Illinois region grow in sustainable economic activity, knowledge-based job opportunities, and retention of highly educated and productive citizens.


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